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Eye Problems Associated with Systemic Diseases

Systemic Eye Diseases


Systemic diseases affect the entire body or many of its parts. When the eyes are involved a diagnosis can often be made from an initial finding in an eye examination. Unlike other organs, the eye is made up of several different types of tissue, making it more likely to be affected by various diseases.

The transparency of the eye gives doctors a good view of the blood vessels, and problems with them are often an extension of difficulties with the veins and arteries throughout the body.  Some of the illnesses commonly involving the eyes are drug-related toxicity such as Plaquenil, Diabetes, Grave’s disease, Lupus, and hypertension, among others.

Ask your prescribing doctor if you are taking a medication that is considered “high-risk for ocular toxicity”.  If so, please contact Eye Florida to schedule an eye exam and diagnostic testing.  We have the latest Humphrey Visual Field testing equipment to test for any signs of ocular toxicity.

You can call our office at 407-891-2010 to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.